Repairs & Services

No Fix? No Fee!

Don’t know what the problem is, or want a quote? Here at The Laptop Shop, we give completely free quotations, so you don’t have to pay to know what needs fixing.
In addition, we offer other repairs and services such as CCTV installation and maintenance.

If you were wondering what we can do to help you, here you can find many of the repairs and services we provide.

Take these 3 steps to sort your problem –
1: You bring your machine/device in store
2: We diagnose the problem and let you know what it needs.
3: You decide if you want it fixed – it is entirely your choice.

From Apple and Windows hardware/software repairs, to CCTV installation and games console repairs, you can find what you need here.

Do you want a new machine? We stock many different PCs and laptops, including Apple Macs. Visit us in store to see our ever updating and changing range. See something you like? Be quick – when it’s gone, it’s gone.

Maybe you’d rather we build a custom PC, just for you? Whether you’re a gamer or beginner PC user, speak to a technician in store. We can build the perfect custom desktop to suit your needs, budget and style.

Also, it’ll impress your friends.

See the Range of Services that The Laptop Shop Offers Below