Information About Us

Fast & Friendly

The Laptop Shop is a local repair company in Burnham-on-Sea. We perform a range of numerous repairs from laptops, PC’s, iMac’s, MacBook’s, tablets, consoles and phones in store for a fast and efficient service. See right for more about us.

The company was established in 2010 as a small market stall, in Weston-super-Mare. There must have been something about us, as we were able to quickly grow, opening up our first official store under the name “The Laptop Shop”. You can always expect a reliable and friendly service from our team, with a strict ‘no fix, no fee’ policy.Due to high demand, we successfully opened our store in the High Street in Burnham-on-Sea, From early 2015.

We stock an extensive range of professionally reconditioned machines at affordable prices. This includes Windows laptops and desktops, Apple MacBooks and iMacs as well as Apple iPads and Android Tablets and even numerous android and apple mobile phones.
You can find many accessories and peripherals in store – from speakers and headphones, to gaming mice and keyboards.
In addition, whether you are a gamer, businessperson or beginner PC user, we can build you the perfect custom PC. Visit us in store so we can discuss and create the best set-up to suit your needs.

Our Promise

The Laptop Shop team will always treat you with the utmost respect – regardless of the problem, we are happy to explain it to you if you’d like it clarified. Of course it’s rough when something valuable breaks, but you can rely on us to repair it for a price that won’t break the bank.

You can trust us to only fix what is broken; we won’t add on any unnecessary charges to your repair.

Customer care is a top priority!
We provide you with free information and advice on preventing further faults and protecting your device.

See our Guarantee for more information.